HeadMaster's Message

Kyle Bilodeau

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Crescent International School, Bangkok. Crescent is a truly outstanding school with a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a unique, charming and central campus in the heart of Sathorn.

We are a fully international school offering an excellent international programme built on the high standards of the EdExcel and English National Curriculum. Our curriculum provides our students with academic rigor, whilst developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people, motivated to succeed. The opportunities to collaborate and apply the skills they learn at CIS challenge our students to excel in their studies and in their personal development, thoroughly preparing them for further study in top colleges and Universities around the world.

CIS has so much to offer each of our students. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to education, and the countless hours spent ensuring each child discovers their talents and develops their skills for success in this fast-paced world.

Hailing from around the globe, our incredible instructors bring their various cultures and experiences with them, offering a truly international learning experience to our students. These dedicated, inspirational teachers nurture each student and build on individual strengths and passions, empowering them to be ambitious and ignite curiosity. Our international educators have incredible subject knowledge and experience, and are committed to the social, emotional and academic needs of our students. Being a medium-sized school ensures that class sizes are not too large, and helps to maximize the individual time each student has with their teachers and peers.

We also realise that students can excel in more than one area within their education, and encourage students to explore more than just academic avenues. CIS boasts a spectacular sports program, and several CIS Stallions teams that continue to place in our athletics association championships each year.

Crescent has high standards and a commitment to on-going school improvement, as evidenced by the continuous self-study process carried out at CIS for external accreditation with the Education Development Trust through the UK. The EDT awarded a SILVER accreditation status in June 2018, and we now continue to build and grow each year.

As you browse through our web pages, I invite you to explore our learning community and hope you are able to gain a true sense of CIS spirit.
I look forward to personally welcoming you to our school.

Kyle Bilodeau, M.Ed

our vision mission and Values

Our guiding statements at CIS have currently been revised during the 2015­-16 Academic Year in line with healthy school improvement. Having stood to embody the school’s principal philosophy since the school’s inception 6 years ago, they continue to retain the values of CIS while including much needed modern upgrades. To guarantee the new statements reflect the true values and beliefs of the entire school community, and drive the best academic and social standards, the revision process was done collaboratively to include the opinions and suggestions of teachers, parents, students, and school leadership.

CIS vision:

Students at CIS will be self‐directed leaders with freedom of thought and expression, and confident learners of a broad and dynamic educational program set on a diverse, multi‐cultural platform.

CIS mission:

Crescent International School is committed to academic excellence and the empowerment of principled global citizens and critical thinkers. Grounded in a strong cultural identity, CIS celebrates diversity to inspire personal growth and happiness, as well as a love of learning that leads to positive action in an increasingly connected world.

CIS core values:

We are committed to mutual respect and the celebration of differences.

We value both collaboration and independence in learning.

We embrace diversity of thought and practice.

We believe in questioning the world around us, and forming educated opinions.

We are committed to excellence through personalised learning experiences.

We respect the equal rights of all students to a safe, happy, and supportive learning environment.

We embrace the courage to innovate in a fast‐paced world.

We believe in awakening talents and fostering the skills inherent in young leaders.

We value and strive toward healthy bodies and minds.

Crescent Education Foundation

In 2011, Crescent Educational Foundation (CEF) was established. As a fully licenced charitable foundation (Registration No: Go.Tho.2111) it now operates as the “umbrella” organisation supporting Crescent International School (CIS).

The mission is to provide educational opportunities to children in Thailand, irrespective of culture, nationality or religion who would otherwise be unable to afford them. It currently funds the education of a number of orphaned children as well as providing various partial academic scholarships to other families, depending upon their individual circumstances. In addition to the support provided to the school, CEF currently makes regular donations to various community based initiatives including a charity working with the blind, a home for the elderly and several flood relief projects throughout Thailand.

CIS was established earlier in 2008 and was the vision of a committed group of benefactors including politicians, diplomats and local members of the business community. The dilemma facing many families is what to prioritise:

Education or providing the necessities of life?
Which children to educate, and for how long?

As a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation, all surplus funds are put back into the school to develop resources, the curriculum, premises and the financial support programme.

Dr. Ibrahima Naite
Managing Director

School History and Background

Crescent International School was established in 2008 with the aim to produce a multi-culturally diverse community of students honed with talents and skills to create a happy learning environment that gave them all the freedom to think.
The initial project of the school was started under the CEF Crescent Educational Foundation, initiated in 2008 through the collaborative efforts of a group of generous people. This group included the former Ambassador of Qatar to Thailand, H.E Abadalla Al Hamar, the honourable H.E Wan Mohammad Noor Matha, businessmen like Mr. Fofana Djime and Mr. Aroon Denyingyoch, and group of educators who pooled their resources together to serve the Thai community, especially the less privileged.

The school started its operation on the first quarter of the academic year of 2008 with 150 students of different nationalities and 18 dedicated and committed educators housed in a 2,000 square meter lot located in the heart of Bangkok. Now standing grandiosely in its grounds, the school continues to grow in both student population and academic excellence. One of the lasting goals of the institution is to better serve the needs of our young population, irrespective of race, creed and religious orientations and beliefs.

CIS is fully licensed as an International School with the Thai Ministry of Education, as well as a member of the International School Association of Thailand (ISAT). We are also mid-way through the process of becoming accredited by the EDT Education Development Trust to earn the International Schools Quality Mrk.

The school is committed to employing and retaining the best professional administrators and teachers available. CIS makes every effort to assure that faculty members hired to teach have degrees, are certified and experienced in their fields, and have excellent recommendations. In addition, the school seeks, where possible, to hire teachers with advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, and successful teaching experiences both in their home countries and abroad. We are proud of the diversity of our teachers, currently representing over a dozen nationalities. Current enrollment is over 400 students with an average class size of 18 students.

Crescent’s rigorous secondary academic program has been designed to prepare all students to sit for the Cambridge IGCSE, the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success.

Cambridge IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:

Subject content and applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as unfamiliar situations
Intellectual enquiry and flexibility and responsiveness to change
Working and communicating in English
Influencing outcomes, and cultural awareness.

Schools worldwide have been involved in the development of Cambridge IGCSE. The syllabuses are international in outlook and have been created specifically for an international student body.

Our Y11 students currently have the option to sit the following IGCSEs each year. * denotes a new course offering this academic year:

Beginning this academic year, we are preparing our Y8 students and below so they can sit the following IGCSEs:

At Crescent, the Cambridge Primary Progression Tests are written in Math, Science, and English for Year 3-6 at the end of the academic year in lieu of a teacher-generated final exam. These tests provide valid internal assessment of knowledge, skills and understanding in the Cambridge English, Mathematics and Science curricula that we teach. The tests:

Provide detailed information about the performance of each learner for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Enable teachers to give structured feedback to learners and parents and to compare strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups

Are marked by teachers in your school with clear guidance, standards and mark schemes

At Crescent, the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests will be taken at the end of Cambridge Primary, Year 6. The Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint tests assess learners at the end of Cambridge Secondary 1 and will be taken at the end of Year 8. Both are available in English, Mathematics and Science, and give valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education.
Each learner then receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic report. The tests are marked in Cambridge and provide schools with an external international benchmark for learner performance.

Academic Leadership Team

The Academic Leadership Team at Crescent are responsible for the overall quality of learning of our school. Together, the Head, Deputy, and Key Stage/Subject Coordinators manage the school curriculum, instructional delivery, and assessment practices, ensuring that every child receives the best possible education. They would all be more than happy to meet with you should you have any specific questions or concerns. Appointments can be made via emails in the profiles below.

Kyle Bilodeau :
Head of School/PRINCIPAL


Seryna Lazenby :
Head of Early Years
Jigisha Mehta :
Assistant Principal
Jenna Yocum :
Assistant Principal
Siddhart Ranjeev :
Head of Senior School


Lauren Bronkema :
Lakshmi Dhumalrao :
Yeshey Rinzin :
Jerry Lee :
Computer Science
Sapna Sharoon :
Learning Support
PSHE & Advisory
Nazura Movlvi :
Modern Foreign Languages
Mark Lesaguis :
Athletic Director
Mabell Loa :
Early Years
Tasnim Harwala :
Religious Education

Administration Team

The administration team at Crescent are a group of hardworking behind­the­scenes people who ensure that school operations run smoothly each day. From organising HR and resources, schoolwide scheduling and event planning, arranging the timely pickup and drop off of our students in congested Bangkok, to manning the reception, taking new families on tours, and making sure everything and everyone is paid on time. Our admin are second to none, and each will be happy to help in any way they can should you need them.

Mareya :
School Licensee & Thai Director
Head of Admin
Amina Srinok :
Admin Assistant
Nemencia Matienzo :
Forhad Abedin :
Ahmed Nami :
Obaid Rahman :


Inclusive School Community

Our school’s inclusive philosophy serves as the foundation of the programs at CIS. This philosophy fosters respect for the dignity and worth of each individual child, supports equal education and opportunity for all, and emphasises a free exchange of ideas.
We nurture the well­being, growth, and learning of each individual student. We encourage students to think independently, reason, create and collaborate through active enquiry. Through a positive and personalised educational atmosphere, each student has the opportunity to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, technically, aesthetically, and physically. Overall, we strive to help our students become global citizens with a lifelong love and respect for learning.

Campus and facilities

At Crescent International School, we take pride in offering students a nurturing and ever-welcoming environment in which they can learn and grow. We are constantly updating and improving our facilities in order to keep up with the many demands of the academic and social needs of our students. Most recently, we have built a brand new swimming pool and secondary computer lab. Over the summer 2016 we also renovated the Library and gave the entire campus a new look.
If you are interested in coming to see our campus in person, kindly contact our front office to set up an appointment for a tour. We look forward to seeing you.

The most prominent and centralized buildings on campus house our comfortable and air-conditioned Primary classrooms. Key Stages 1 and 2 (Years 1-6) share the second floor on one side of the playground, while the rest share the first two floors of the three-story building directly across from it. Both buildings look over the entire school campus and display plenty of greenery. Each classroom is set up with a whiteboard, mounted projector, and Wi-Fi access so teachers and students can utilize all that education technology has to offer in learning.

The most recognizable structure upon approaching CIS is the five-story secondary building, whose outside landings overlook the campus, and indeed all of Sathorn. This building houses the Key Stage 3 and 4 students for the majority their core subjects and specialties. On the ground level of this building is where you will find the spacious Namaz room.

Inviting, lush greenery surrounds the heart of our campus, the colourful playground and enormous tree in the centre. Before class, during breaks, and after school, visitors are sure to find our students hanging out here. The several stone tables and benches surrounding the perimeter of the playground often house faculty on prep time looking for some sunlight and fresh air.

On the far end of the playground at ground level are the Reception classrooms. Both are spacious, open, and offer a colourful and engaging space in which to learn. The teachers and assistants have made eye-catching and interactive displays to ensure students remain interested and learning throughout the day. Just outside the rooms, attached to the playground are the sandboxes and water-play areas the students use for their outdoor learning time.

Beyond the playground lays the CIS athletic gymnasium. This fully covered indoor-outdoor court is used for all PE sports lessons, and for the many Stallions team practices. The court enables CIS students to develop and hone skills in team sports such as basketball, volleyball, futsol, and badminton, in addition to the full physical education curriculum. Crescent offers Swim as a component of the PE curriculum from Reception to Year 8. As of this May, our newly constructed pool is ready for lessons.

In addition to our regular homeroom classrooms, CIS also offers two computers labs (one each for primary and secondary), a library, art room, small chemistry lab for experiments, Thai Language and Culture, and Islamic Studies classrooms. These rooms are all designed for purpose and offer students the ideal learning environment for their subjects.

Bangkok is a safe city, however, the school, as part of the wider community, has been proactive in recognizing the need for meaningful security measures as well as continual vigilance for the protection of our students, families and staff. CIS is protected with a 24-hour security service, is safe and secure.


Education Development Trust (EDT)

As part of our promise to deliver the highest quality education to our students, Crescent has partnered with the Education Development Trust, and worked through an international school improvement process resulting in the International School Quality Mark (ISQM).The final report can result in Unsuccessful, Bronze, Silver, or Gold outcome.

Crescent is proud to have achieved a SILVER Award from the EDT on it's first ever accreditation with the global agency, putting it on par with hundreds of top-tier schools around the world. We were particularly pleased to have our standards of "Care & Support for Students" and "Partnership with Parents & Community" evaluated at the Outstanding or Gold level, and feel this speaks volumes about the priorities of our school community.

Previously known as the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT), the newly renamed Education Development Trust (2017) is a world authority on school inspection and evaluation having inspected schools around the world for more than 20 years. Utilising a transparent framework, they are passionate about working to raise standards in schools. They are one of only four agencies recognised in Thailand for accreditation services, including CIS, NEASC, and WASC.

Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC)

Crescent International School is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). The Centre has earned Premier status with ASIC for its commendable areas of operation. ASIC accreditation helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution.

ASIC is recognised by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in their International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation), are affiliates of ENQA (European Network for Quality Assurance) and are institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).



Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment

Crescent International School is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and accredited through ONESQA (Sor mor Sor) the international schools inspection body.

( ISAT )

The International Schools Association of Thailand
was established in 1994.

Its principal purpose is to act as a link between international schools which are members of ISAT on the one hand and the Ministry of Education, in particular the Office of the Private Education Commission, on the other.

( ISAA )

International Schools Athletic Association

ISAA is a small schools multi sports league, which has been running and increasing for several years. This consists of league events consisting of at least 8 international participating schools in and around Bangkok. In addition to promoting competition, and sportsmanship, ISAA school heads are now collaborating to make greater interdisciplinary school links and activities amongst an extensive range of students.

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