Advisory & PSHE

Our Advisory Team consists of Ms Zoe, Ms Minu and Mr JC in Primary, and Ms Edna and Mr Mark in Secondary.

The newest addition to our curriculum program is the inclusion of Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE). This is a subject considered mandatory for English schools, and as a British International School, we have embraced the subject and are pleased to present it in meaningful ways to our students each day.

Our primary vehicle for delivering the PSHE content is during our daily 30 minute morning Advisory periods, which have replaced the traditional “homeroom” time. During Advisory, students will explore a variety of topics through discussion, reflection, and a variety of academic activities. From Early Years to Year 11, the students will explore the 6 core themes of Enjoy & Achieve, Being Healthy, Staying Safe, Positive Contributions, Emotional Health, and Relationships. These universal themes will help our students to better equip themselves for the realities they will face both during their years at CIS, as well as in their lives upon graduation. Our Advisory teachers have been carefully selected to explore these topics with sensitivity and academic interest to best further our students understanding in the areas of personal, social, and health education.

This time will also be used to set academic and personal goals, and build individual student portfolios which will be used to track progress and growth. These portfolios will be built by students with guidance from their advisors, and then presented to parents at regular intervals during student-led conferences.

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