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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Crescent International Primary School. We offer admissions to students in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), ages 5-7 and 7-11. As our school mission states, we are committed to academic excellence and the empowerment of principled global citizens and critical thinkers. In order to achieve this mission, we provide our students with a rigorous education through creative and innovative learning opportunities that will prepare them for a successful future in the ever-changing 21st century.

Our highly qualified teachers take a holistic approach in working with our students in order to meet each and every child’s social, emotional, and academic needs. All students are provided access to superior curricula in a very inclusive and caring environment. Each day we strive to enhance the potential of each learner through the variety of courses and extracurricular opportunities that are offered. At CIS Primary, all students become inspired young leaders, creative and critical thinkers, and productive citizens of our community.
I look forward to working with students and parents throughout the school year.

Mr. J.C. Romero
Deputy Head, Primary

Primary Curriculum

Crescent’s Primary School follows the Cambridge and National Curriculum wherever possible. For subjects that do not have a specific curriculum in either of these, we have worked as a team to adapt a variety of curricula to create a CIS International curriculum that best suits the needs of our students.

For a thorough look at the Primary Framework for English, Maths, and Science.
Visit the Cambridge website through the following links.
Cambridge Primary Framework English (Y1-6)
Cambridge Primary Framework Math Y1-6
Cambridge Primary Framework Science Y1-6
The following table depicts the breakdown of weekly lessons of diverse and dynamic subjects offered within the Primary school.

A Student’s Typical Day

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Students arrive in the morning either by school van or by being dropped off by their parents.

The whole school attends assembly together in the basketball court. Assembly includes the morning prayer and Thai national anthem. On Fridays, The Primary and Secondary student meet separately for a full 30 minute assembly lead by the Heads of Primary and Secondary. These assemblies will consist of thematic material from PSHE lessons, as well as student presentations and collaborative tasks.

Advisory begins for all homerooms and focuses for 30 minutes on monthly thematic skills and tasks linked to our Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. One morning per week will also be dedicated to building and developing student’s personal portfolios. These will be utilized to set annual targets and goals for student achievement progress, and will be presented to parents during Student Led Conferences 3 times per year.

Students begin their first of 7 periods of the day. Primary students take the majority of lessons in their homeroom, with teachers coming to them to teach. For Computers, P.E and Art, students are collected from their homerooms by their subject teacher.


Morning Break. Student have a 20 minute break in the morning to roam the campus with friends, play and exercise, or visit the snack shop for something to eat between now and lunch.

Periods 2 and 3.

Students eat lunch (provided by the school cafeteria) together from 11:15-11:35. The lunch menu is posted near the office each week from the school cafeteria.
At 11:35 the bell rings for Namaz and Muslim students are required to go and pray. Non-Muslim students are free during this time to play in the garden or their homerooms.

Students have a further 4 lessons of 50 minutes. Lessons are scheduled each day to provide a variety of subjects including the core English, Maths and Science alongside specialist subjects such as Arabic and Thai Language and Culture.

Students taking school vans are escorted to the basketball court by their homeroom teachers and then wait by their van number until everyone is ready to go. Students not taking school vans are supervised in the art room until their parents come to collect them.

Student Services

At Crescent, our primary goal is to meet the needs of every child. With children coming from such diverse backgrounds and educational experiences, it is no wonder that when they enroll at CIS, they possess a variety of academic achievement levels. In order to ensure all students achieve to the highest possible standards, we offer certain services to our students. These include our English as an Additional Language classes, our Additional English classes, In-Class English Learning Support

EAL 1 & 2

Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) 1 and 2 classes are designed for students in our Primary Program who do not possess the English comprehensions skills required to succeed in our core subjects. The EAL teachers have designed a program than combines class work, projects, group work and individual homework focusing in the Key areas of Grammar, Phonics, Vocabulary, Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Conversation skills. In addition to the English coursework, EAL students also learn Math, ICT, Art and PE. Students in EAL also have high enough comprehension skills to begin focusing on Science
EAL 1 caters to students in the age ranges of Years 1 to 3 and emphasises reading skills, while EAL 2 accepts students from Years 4 to 6 and shifts focus to a more balanced reading and writing literacy program.

In-Class English Learning Support & Additional English

As an international school, we are aware that our students come from numerous backgrounds and nations, many of which do not have English as a first language. To ensure that the English curriculum is fully accessible to all of our Primary students, we offer English Support in the Year 3-6 classroom twice weekly. The support teacher works closely with our English teachers to plan the best support for the students who need assistance during her time in the classroom.
For students who do not elect to take Islamic Studies, we offer Additional English lessons, that focus on the key concepts to ensure success at each Primary year level. Three times per week, students receive additional lessons in Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Conversation skills. This program is very student-centered and is designed with the students involved to maximise interest and growth.

Primary Years Faculty

Below is the opportunity to get to know our incredibly teachers. Select a photograph to access their teacher profile and learn more about their qualifications, teaching experience, and philosophy of education. You can email them directly from their profiles

English & Social Studies

Alex Wagner :
Y1-2 English and Y2 Advisory; Key Stage 1 Leader
Ryan Gerard Mabeza :
KS1 Science & Social Studies
Jenny Graham :
Y4 Humanities; KS2 Humanities Coordinator
Max Crawford :
Y6 Humanities Teacher and Key Stage 2 Leader
Richard Espinosa :
Y5 Humanities
Sapna Sharoon :
LS 2-3 Science & English; Learning Support Coordinator (LS & SEN)
Jem Cueto :
LS 1 Teacher (English, Maths, Science)
Ms Mary Gail Buñol :
SEN Specialist, Learning Support Teacher (English)
Angelique Berino :
Y7-8 English; Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Brynth Matute :
Y1-8 Drama

Maths and Science

Minu Panicker :
KS1 Math; Data Coordinator
Jigisha Mehta :
Year 3 and 4 Mathematics, KS2 Mathematics Coordinator
Lakshmi Dhumalrao:
Year 5 & 6 Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Alang Kum :
LS2-3 Math & English
Ryan Gerard Mabeza :
KS1 Science & Social Studies
Sapna Sharoon :
LS 2-3 Science & English; Learning Support Coordinator (LS & SEN)
Alpna Tiwari :
Year 3-5 Science Teacher
Mr. Yeshey Rinzin :
Y6-7 Sciences & Y8 Chemistry


Andy Bangyai :
Swimming & Physical Education Teacher
Mark Lesaguis :
Athletic Director, Head Coach & Child Protection Officer
Mr Renjith Krishnan-Kutty :
Y1-8 Art & Design
Yo Aussarin :
Primary Swim & PE
Swati Phokarma :
Primary ICT Teacher
Jennifer Kimpo :
Shadow Teacher EAL2
Bethel :
Shadow Teacher Y2
Ginalyn Nollas :
Y1 Teaching Assistant

Foreign Languages & Culture

Warunee Sasakun :
Thai Language
Nantipha Piriyanupong :
Thai Language
Jamal Mohammed :
Quran, Arabic
Mena Gamal :
Ahmed Nami :
Islamic Studies

Crescent International School Tel: +66 (0) 26798777

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