Student Council


A Student Council is an elected body of students representing the voice of the student of its school. Student Council are integral part of a school.

Student council often take charge of running and organizing events within the school throughout the year.In terms of the structure of Student Council, students who want to be in leadership positions of any kind in their life, can learn a lot by being a student leader and joining the Student Council.

The student Council links the students and the school administration. Successfully linking the students to the school administration, is crucial in enriching education outside the classroom. These links allow students to play and active role in their own education. Student leadership provides opportunities for students to get involved and to learn skills that can be transferred to the workplace or community.

A Student Council brings enthusiasm and fun to the school while providing a voice for the students on all issues that affect them. It is vital to make Student Council fun and productive. It should be a place where all students feel comfortable to voice their opinions, but also a place where a final decision can be reached and acted upon.