Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our guiding statements at CIS have currently been revised during the 2015­-16 Academic Year in line with healthy school improvement. Having stood to embody the school’s principal philosophy since the school’s inception 6 years ago, they continue to retain the values of CIS while including much needed modern upgrades. To guarantee the new statements reflect the true values and beliefs of the entire school community, and drive the best academic and social standards, the revision process was done collaboratively to include the opinions and suggestions of teachers, parents, students, and school leadership.

Our Vision

Students at CIS will be self‐directed leaders with freedom of thought and expression, and confident learners of a broad and dynamic educational program set on a diverse, multi‐cultural platform.

Our Mission

Crescent International School is committed to academic excellence and the empowerment of principled global citizens and critical thinkers. Grounded in a strong cultural identity, CIS celebrates diversity to inspire personal growth and happiness, as well as a love of learning that leads to positive action in an increasingly connected world.

Our Core Values

We are committed to mutual respect and the celebration of differences.
We value both collaboration and independence in learning.
We embrace diversity of thought and practice.
We believe in questioning the world around us, and forming educated opinions.
We are committed to excellence through personalised learning experiences.
We respect the equal rights of all students to a safe, happy, and supportive learning environment.
We embrace the courage to innovate in a fast‐paced world.
We believe in awakening talents and fostering the skills inherent in young leaders.
We value and strive toward healthy bodies and minds.