Crescent Education Foundation

Crescent International School, Bangkok - Crescent Education Foundation

In 2011, Crescent Educational Foundation (CEF) was established. As a fully licenced charitable foundation (Registration No: Go.Tho.2111) it now operates as the “umbrella” organisation supporting Crescent International School (CIS).

The mission is to provide educational opportunities to children in Thailand, irrespective of culture, nationality or religion who would otherwise be unable to afford them. It currently funds the education of a number of orphaned children as well as providing various partial academic scholarships to other families, depending upon their individual circumstances. In addition to the support provided to the school, CEF currently makes regular donations to various community based initiatives including a charity working with the blind, a home for the elderly and several flood relief projects throughout Thailand.

CIS was established earlier in 2008 and was the vision of a committed group of benefactors including politicians, diplomats and local members of the business community. The dilemma facing many families is what to prioritise:

– Education or providing the necessities of life?

– Which children to educate, and for how long?

As a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation, all surplus funds are put back into the school to develop resources, the curriculum, premises and the financial support programme.

Dr. Ibrahima Naite
Managing Director