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Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages

Nazura Movlvi

I’m Ms. Nazura Movlvi and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Language and Culture department at CIS.
Our Thai Language and Culture Department offers an innovative approach to the study of languages and cultures by emphasizing the necessity of tackling the study of cultures in an interdisciplinary manner, allowing a broader and deeper understanding of our society. We focus on a learner-centered approach to education wherein teachers are not just instructors, but creators of an environment in which learners learn. Students are active participants who learn the cultures through doing in as many authentic activities as is possible.
In addition to offering an in-depth cultural exploration of Thai Culture and Language, Crescent is proud to offer it’s students the option of Arabic Language as a modern foreign language. As one of the only schools in the region to offer such a program, we have restructured our hours and schedule to maximise the time and content students receive to truly develop their language skills. Our end goal is to have each of graduating students attain an IGCSE in Modern Foreign Language for either Thai or Arabic in Y11. As such, our program offers equal hours in both languages from Reception to Y3 to master the basics and form a strong foundation in both. From Y4, the material begins to require further hours of study to properly develop the skills required to become fluent speakers, readers, and writers of the languages, so students select either Thai or Arabic 4 times per week. In order to maintain the cultural development, however, all students also continue once a week with the language not selected for MFL. With this new program, Crescent is certain that we will have all of our students leaving our gates fully proficient in at least one Modern Foreign Language at the IGCSE level, in addition to English Language proficiency and cultural awareness in a third.

We are excited to announce that we have recently renovated the school and included newly themed Thai Culture & Language and Arabic classrooms for our Secondary students.

We will also be offering Thai Language and Arabic Language Clubs after school weekly for students who wish to further their communication skills in either modern foreign language beyond the school hours!

Should you have any questions about our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or set up an appointment to meet in person.

Ms. Nazura Movlvi
Head of Language and Culture

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