Siddhart Ranjeev

I’m Mr. Siddhart Ranjeev, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Secondary Science, Math & Business department.
At Crescent, the core subjects of Math, Science and Business have become a priority. This year we have added new program options and have changed the way we present, apply, and assess these vital subjects.
Over the past years, students in both science and business streams have achieved excellent results in the IGCSE O Level Exams. For this, I must acknowledge the incredible team of secondary teachers who made it possible.
I am proud to say that the Math, Science & Business department consists of dedicated teachers known for their commitment, high standards and for their continued care for our students. We all believe strongly in our school’s mission and vision and strive to ensure our lessons meet the spirit of those guiding statements. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and to keep current with modern educational change so that we in turn can provide the best quality education and service to our students.
Our most recent change is the addition of Combined Sciences to the Business stream at CIS. Up until now, students were left with the difficult decision of choosing either Academic Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) or Business (Business Studies, Accounting, Economics) stream. In order to ensure all our students have their options open to them after graduation from Crescent, we have now combined and extended the Economics and Business Studies course, and added Combined Science to the stream. This ensures that all of our graduates leave our gates with at least one IGCSE in science and more prospec
I will do my very best to continue this path of success and the department’s commitment to serve the best interest of our students. I look forward to working with you all!

Mr. Siddhart Ranjeev
Head of Secondary Math, Science & Business


Secondary Curriculum

Crescent’s Secondary School follows the Cambridge and National Curriculum wherever possible. For subjects that do not have a specific curriculum in either of these, we have worked as a team to adapt a variety of curricula to create a CIS International curriculum that best suits the needs of our students.

A Student’s Typical Day

A typical day for a secondary student will include arriving at school around 7:40 am by school van, public transportation, walking or being dropped off by the parent. Students usually hang around the basketball court, waiting for their morning assembly.

At 7:25 am, the bell rings for the morning assembly. Student council members check the students’ uniforms before they enter the basketball court for morning anthem. Once the assembly is over, students go directly to their Advisory rooms.

At 7:35 Advisory takes place for 30 minutes Mon-Thurs. On Fridays, this time is used for divisional assemblies.

At 8:05, all classes begin with an engaging lesson opener and progress through direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice. Students will be expected to work hard and showcase their work in their portfolios.
Students in Y7 & 8 are taking 11 courses each term. These include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, Geography, Thai language & Culture, Arabic, Islamic Studies & Quran, and Physical Education.
Students in Y9–11 take eight courses each term. These include: English, Mathematics, Physics/Accounting, Chemistry/Combined Science, Biology/Business Studies, ICT, Thai language & Culture, Islamic Studies & Quran and Physical Education.


At 12:35 pm, the students head to the Namaz room (Prayer room), for their prayer. As soon as they are done with their namaz the students head to the cafeteria for their lunch and have another opportunity to engage in conversation with friends, classmates and their teachers.

After lunch the day continues until dismissal at 3:10 pm. During dismissal students are permitted to get to their lockers, pack their stuff and head to their vans. At 3:10 pm, several students attend an after school activity which include, tutoring, sports and special clubs led by teacher. Overall, a day in the life of a CIS secondary student is extended, incredibly rewarding and filled with activities that push student performance.

Students eat lunch (provided by the school cafeteria) together from 11:15-11:35. The lunch menu is posted near the office each week from the school cafeteria.
At 11:35 the bell rings for Namaz and Muslim students are required to go and pray. Non-Muslim students are free during this time to play in the garden or their homerooms.

Student Services

Crescent is pleased to offer Learning Support for our students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) who have struggled to progress in the mainstream core subject classrooms. By eliminating a single core subject, these students are able to focus in a smaller group for more class periods. Science and English courses have two additional lessons each week to ensure greater understanding and success. In order to maximise the student-teacher ratio and allow the greatest amount of individualised learning and teacher attention, we have limited the class size to 8 students.

Secondary Years Faculty

Below is the opportunity to get to know our incredibly teachers. Select a photograph to access their teacher profile and learn more about their qualifications, teaching experience, and philosophy of education. You can email them directly from their profiles

English & Social and Arts

Angelique Berino :
Y7-8 English
Gene Goldman :
Y7-9 English
Edna Luciano :
Social Studies
Nemencia Matienzo :
JC Romero :
Y10 English Literature
Rhandy Lipang :
Learning Support

Science, Math, Business

Mr. Yeshey Rinzin :
Combined Sciences
Merin Matthew :
Siddhart Rajeev :
Shashi Saihgal :
Chemistry / Combined Sciences
Bhairavi Patil :
Obaid Rahman :
Business Courses
Fatima Beg :
Maths & Business Courses

Specialty, Languages & Culture

Jerry Lee :
Computer Science & ICT
Nazura Movlvi :
Thai Culture
Mark Lesaguis :
Physical Education
Andy Bangyai :
Swim & PE
Fatimah Al Fatih :
Islamic Studies & Arabic
Ahmed Nami :
Islamic Studies
Mr Renjith Krishnan-Kutty :
Y1-8 Art & Design
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