Student life

Who we are

Our students hail from all over the world, representing over 30 nations and bringing with them their incredible cultures and backgrounds that contribute to our global-minded school. With families coming from as near and far as Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Japan, Indonesia, Guinea, India, USA, Syria, Sudan, and Canada, the cultural backdrop to CIS’s learning is truly international!


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Our coaches and fitness professionals at CIS combine sports training with fitness and fun. We understand the dire need for kids to be more active each day to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other diseases caused by an inactive lifestyle. We also believe that by helping children to be active through a variety of sports they will learn an increasing amount about teamwork and personal responsibility. Our CIS After-School Sports Program is available to all age ranges from Year 1 through Year 10 and aims to encourage your child to share, think critically, cooperate with members of a group, and recognize the rights and feelings of others.
We foster an encouraging atmosphere that will both introduce children to sports and games, as well as challenge experienced athletes who already have the fundamentals down. All activities are geared to m