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CIS has put together variety of educational, creative, civic minded and fun school activities that are conducted annually throughout the year. These are generally schoolwide events, and many of them are open to families to participate or attend. The full list of activities below can be found updated by date and time on our school calendar as well.

● Health and Hygiene week which aim to promote good eating habits and personal hygiene
● Arts and Crafts Week where students demonstrate their artistic talents thru making projects
● Thai Culture Week emphasizing the core values which are universally accepted.
● English and Friendship Week where students perform on stage.
● Maths Challenge Week which aim to develop the interest in mathematics.
● Book Fair is conducted once in a term to develop the interest in reading.
● Spelling Bee for the primary where students show mastery of words they learned .
● Science Fair for the secondary showing original science – related work based on the current topic being studied.
● The Qu’ran Competition which celebrates the reading of the Qu’ran and other activities which are mostly participated by the muslim students.
● International Day is also a major event in November. Each year different type of activity are planned to celebrate.
● Fun Fair and Charity Day have been conducted through the support of the PTA.
● Sports Day a much awaited activity which runs for two days.
● United Nations Day to raise students awareness about the role of the U.N. in global issues
● His Majesty The King’s Birthday by reading part of the King’s biography
● The April Break Activity symbolizes the beginning of the Thai Songkran Holiday where students play water games.
● The Community Outreach Activity aims to develop the sense of social responsibility among students. Secondary students are involved in handing out stuffs to recipients .
● Teacher Appreciation Day (Wai Kru) where a short program is prepared commemorating the gratitude for all the teachers.
● Student Recognition Program. This is to acknowledge students who excelled in both academics and behavior.