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At Crescent International School, we take pride in offering students a nurturing and ever-welcoming environment in which they can learn and grow. We are constantly updating and improving our facilities in order to keep up with the many demands of the academic and social needs of our students. 

If you are interested in coming to see our campus in person, kindly contact our front office to set up an appointment for a tour. We look forward to seeing you.

Lower & Junior School Buildings

The most prominent and centralized buildings on campus house our comfortable and air-conditioned Lower and Junior School classrooms. Both buildings look over the entire school campus and display plenty of greenery. Each classroom is set up with a mounted projector and Wi-Fi access so teachers and students can utilise education technology to enhance lessons.

Senior School Building

The most recognizable structure upon approaching CIS is the five-story Senior School building, whose outside landings overlook the campus, and indeed all of Sathorn. This building houses our IGCSE learners for the majority of their core subjects and specialties. On the ground level of this building is where you will find the spacious Namaz room. 


Inviting, lush greenery surrounds the heart of our campus, the colourful playground and enormous tree in the centre. Before class, during breaks, and after school, visitors are sure to find our students hanging out here. The several stone tables and benches surrounding the perimeter of the playground often house faculty on prep time looking for some sunlight and fresh air.

Early Years

On the far end of the playground at ground level are the Reception classrooms.  Both are spacious, open, and offer a colourful and engaging space in which to learn. The teachers and assistants have made eye-catching and interactive displays to ensure students remain interested and learning throughout the day. Just outside the rooms, attached to the playground are the sandboxes and water-play areas the students use as part of their outdoor learning and Free flow time.

Athletic Facility & Pool

Beyond the playground lays the CIS athletic gymnasium. This fully covered indoor-outdoor court is used for all PE sports lessons, and for the many Stallions team practices. The court enables CIS students to develop and hone skills in team sports such as basketball, volleyball, futsol, and badminton, in addition to the full physical education curriculum. Crescent offers Swim as a mandatory component of the PE curriculum from Reception to Year7. 

Specialty Rooms & Library

In addition to our regular homeroom classrooms, CIS also offers two computers labs (one each for primary and secondary), a library, art room, small chemistry lab for experiments, and Modern Foreign Language rooms. These rooms are all designed for purpose and offer students the ideal learning environment for their subjects. 


Bangkok is a safe city, however, the school, as part of the wider community, has been proactive in recognising the need for meaningful security measures as well as continual vigilance for the protection of our students, families and staff. CIS is protected with a 24-hour security service, is safe, and secure.