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FAQ for Parents

My child/children have just join Crescent International School, how can my child/children access CIS school account?

The school account credentials will be sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration of admission.

Credentials are made up using the First Name & Last Name provided at time of admission. For example, firstname.lastname@cis.ac.th

Please make sure that you have provided the latest e-mail address you are using and that there is no typography error.

I still cannot find the credentials in my e-mail inbox, what now?

Please contact CIS support at the earliest to verify if your registered e-mail address is up to date in our records.

I have contacted CIS support and received the credentials, what should I do with it?

Go to the CIS dashboard and sign in using the credentials.

I am into the CIS dashboard and I cannot see Classroom and Gmail listed, what should I do?

Please make sure that you are using the school account with the @cis.ac.th suffix and not the @gmail.com suffix.

I am now using my @cis.ac.th account and I am in CIS Dashboard, I still cannot see Classroom but I see Gmail, what should I do?

If you can see Gmail but not Classroom, then you should contact the Finance Department to unlock your access to Classroom.

I am in CIS Classroom, and it is empty, what should I do?

If you are into Classroom and the list is empty, there are 2 possible reasons why:

  1. You have NOT signed in using @cis.ac.th account and are using @gmail.com. Please sign out from all accounts and sign in using your @cis.ac.th account.
  2. The teacher might not have sent an invitation to your @cis.ac.th account yet. You should receive these invitations in your CIS e-mail account.

If you still haven’t receive any invitation in your CIS e-mail inbox @cis.ac.th account, please contact CIS support.

I am in CIS Classroom now and I can see the classes. How do I join the live classes with the teacher?

You should see Meet Link at the top banner of each classes listed in Google Classroom. Click on the link to access the classes (refer to screenshot below)

I have clicked on the meet link but I get a message “This meeting hasn’t started yet”, what should I do?

There are 2 possible reasons:

  1. The class teacher is still in another session.
  2. You are early for the class session.

You should try again on the scheduled time.

I have clicked on the meet link and I received another message “You can’t create a meeting yourself. Contact your system administrator for more information. If you are joining a meeting from Google Classroom, wait for your teacher to join and then refresh this page again.” What should I do?

There are 2 possible reasons:

  1. The class teacher is still in another session.
  2. You are early for the class session.

You should try again on the scheduled time.

If you still cannot access the meeting, go back to CIS dashboard and check if you see “Classroom” and “Meet” listed in apps. If not, please contact the Finance Department to unlock your account.

Do I need class code to join CIS Google Classroom?

No you don’t. Invitations are sent out directly to your provided school account (@cis.ac.th). Check your inbox.

To receive your invitation, kindly email CIS Support with the Full Name of your child/children and their grade level.

I cannot join any classes on my Android/iPhone/iPad

Smartphones/tablets are different from a desktop or laptop. They requires up to date firmware (Android and iOS) and also up to date apps (Google Meet/Classroom + many different services).

These are the reasons why we do not  recommend using smartphone or tablets to access CIS resources.  Smartphones or Tablets need to be always up to date and often have issue with joining Google Meet or Google Classroom.

We highly recommend using a desktop or a laptop to enhance learning since they offer better features and bigger screen compared to smartphones/tablets counterpart.

If you still wish to use these smartphones or tablet, you will have to contact your device vendor (Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Sony, Apple, ETC) to receive up the latest firmware and Google Support for their apps (Meet, Classroom on both Android and iOS).